Linking ORCiD with Pressbooks

We’d like to start recommending that our faculty include a link to their ORCiD page in their contributor info in Pressbooks, and we’re curious how others have linked ORCiD and Pressbooks. Has anyone done this or have an idea about the best contributor field to use?

On first look it makes the most sense to me to have faculty add their ORCiD links to the website field in the contributor menu. I think we’d be interested in a dedicated ORCiD field in the contributor section in Pressbooks similar to the social media fields that currently exist.

It would also be great if ORCiD users could designate Pressbooks as a ‘trusted organization’ and Pressbooks could push publications to ORCiD without users needing to manually add Pressbooks books to their ORCiD profile. Maybe this is already possible but I missed it in the Docs?

You might consider using the DOI URLs instead (if your institution mints book DOIs) to help boost reportable book analytics in Altmetric Explorer.

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Hi @aservice we looked into this in some detail several years ago (see notes here: [Research] Add ORCiD support for Pressbooks users · Issue #1500 · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub) but ended up not building the integration. IIRC, we were daunted by both the complexity of requiring user confirmation and questions about what to do with ORCiD metadata when books were cloned. This is something we could pick back up again in the future, if there was enough interest/demand from publishers and/or authors using Pressbooks.


It turns out that Altmetric Explorer can ‘whitepaper’ the Pressbooks domain ULR for tracking analytics