LaTeX: top row of pixels cut off?

I am using the $ style of LaTeX. When I view my book, the top row of pixels of the LaTeX stuff frequently appears to be missing, and sometimes the bottom row. See screenshot below.

In “50,000”, the tops of the zeros are missing but the bottoms look okay (because the comma drops down lower?).

In “5 × 10^4”, the zero looks fine (because the exponent is higher up?).

In “0.0007”, the zeros look bad on both the top and bottom (because nothing is higher or lower than them?).

And I guess while we’re at it, when I have short LaTeX code like $-1$ or $11$ or $1$, the 1 is clearly shorter than other digits (although not consistently, as you can see in the “-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3” stuff), but when other digits are included, the 1 is shown at full height. Any thoughts? (Beyond, “Duh, stop using LaTeX for individual numbers.”)

For anyone who has a similar issue in the future, I received this advice from Pressbooks staff and it helped.

“You can change the setting from your book’s dashboard by going to Settings > QuickLaTeX and selecting the tab “System”. Under “Image format” you can choose PNG instead of [SVG or] Auto.”

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