Keep the file name the same in PDF and EPUB exports with each version


Every time we export a file, the name is appended with a long string of numbers, which I assume is for versioning.


Filename we want: Music-and-the-Child.pdf

Numbers appended each time we publish a new export:




There are many sites that link directly to our pdfs and epubs; so they must be notified every time there is a new export.

Is there any way to remove the numbering from file name upon export?


maybe to add the date instead of that “random” number

Is there is a method within the PB code to prevent the ‘random’ numbers from being added? Or a method to add a datestamp?

I could take a stab at it. I just need to know where to start. Thanks.

Hi @rootl, those numbers are actually a UNIX timestamp. They are needed for lots of reasons but we could sanitize them from the downloadable filenames, I think. I’ll open an issue.

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Thank you so much. .Derp @ me for not seeing that they * were* actually timestamps. Thanks for looking into this!

I’ve opened an issue:

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Thank you @ned! I can help with any testing, feedback, coding etc.

Take a look at this:

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