Issues importing XML after 5.5.6?


Hi all,

I am seeing issues after upgrading to PB 5.5.6 when I try to import XML from a course. After choosing file, selecting all to import, and choosing import the page is simply reloading without attempting an import. Has anyone seen this issue before or is it known? Also on Wordpress 4.9.8 and PHP 7.1. Host is Pantheon. Here is a screenshot, and looks I believe as you would expect:

Note: I have indeed selected all chapters, etc to import before attempting the import.

Thanks for the help!

  • Bess


Hi Bess,

Looking at the screenshot, none of the checkboxes are selected to the left. Just to clarify, does checking any of those boxes to select content for import produce the expected results?



Yes I had checked the far left checkboxes - the screenshot shows what happens after trying to import. The page reloads with nothing checked and seemingly without attempting the import. Is it also a possibility that something may have changed with Export in the last few versions which may be affecting Import? Thanks for the help!


After digging in further with the import I was looking at - it did eventually work after trying to Import a number of times - anywhere from 3 to 8. There is no functional difference - I am not choosing anything else. Just continuously trying to import until it finally attempts to do so. I am looking into it with my provider - but I don’t see anything different between requests.


I notice the label there says “Page” instead of “Chapter”. Without seeing what kind of changes are there under the hood I can’t really be sure if there’s not some modification on the Lumen side that is interacting with newer versions of Pressbooks strangely. We haven’t modified the WordPress/Pressbooks XML exports recently that I can recall; last import modification before 5.5.6 was in 5.4.2. What version were you running before?


Heh, we did a pretty major version update (I think we were on 4.5.x).


@bryan I think you filter some custom post types for the XML import. I’m wondering if that could be related? We don’t really have a case to test those filters ourselves so maybe you could try disabling them temporarily and see if that changes anything? One other clarifying question: are you trying to import XML from an older version?


Ah yes, I think we’ll try that. And yes, I do believe we are trying to import XML from an older version. I’d have to confirm that with our content team to be sure, but I believe that’s the case @ned . Cheers!


@ned, what are the implications regarding importing XML from older versions? Would you mind helping me understand what might be different about XML generated from older vs newer versions of PB?

I’m perusing the change logs to get my bearings on what might be causing what we’re seeing. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Scratching my head about that one. Here’s a few potentially related issues I found: