Issue with preformatted HMTL


I am trying to use the escaped=“true” for the “pre” commands but line disappears if I switch between the visual and text editor. I need the line in order for the >> to show properly when using the lang=“matlab”.

Is there a way to prevent it from disappearing besides never switch to visual editor?

I would also like to know what tags are supported in Pressbooks for “pre” as I have tried classes and styles and both have disappeared after saving the page.

Thank you.

Hi @kenyah, I’m pretty sure (without testing) that this is a WordPress issue; WordPress strips a bunch of parameters by default from markup when saving using the visual editor. Can you reproduce this issue in a vanilla WordPress install? Cheers!

Hello @ned,

This problem was also solved today. We were able to fix the issue within the plugin style sheet by changing the escaped="true" from optional to always.

Thank you again for responding.