IsBasedOn in exports

If I export a book. IsBaseOn will work in pressbooks xml too?

Also, we will have the edition of the original book too?


Also it maybe good thing to include the edition/version of original book along with isBasedOn information into cloned version or exported in order to indicate the state of original content by the time when cloned content was created. Because original content may be changed since time and then isBasedOn data will make no sense.

And maybe to avoid situations when somebody is using template books (no content, just structure) and creates new book by cloning or exporting this template, to provide an option for administrators to mark books as templates.

I think there are four questions in here so I’ll try to answer them one at a time:

  1. Pressbooks XML does not include isBasedOn because to import a Pressbooks XML file you (or someone else) has to have had access to the original book to export it. So it doesn’t check licenses or add attribution the way the cloning tool does, because it’s not something that the general public has access to by default the way they do with the cloning tool.
  2. We need to add the edition to the metadata endpoint, and then that metadata will be cloned. See your previous forum post.
  3. Including the edition in cloned books makes sense, yes. It is already part of the Pressbooks XML export/import routine.
  4. Cloning books as a template is an interesting use case. @danzhik can you please open an issue at describing this?