Is it possible to create a citation for a whole PressBook or by chapter or image?

This function would add value for teachers using PressBooks as classroom resources. Does this function exist?

Hi @SueWozniak I’m not sure I understand your question or what you’re hoping to do, but I want to! Can you clarify?

Hi Steel! I wonder if there is a way to generate a citation for a PressBook, the same way there are automatic citation generators in databases? This would allow students to create easy attributions for using PressBooks as a research source. I’m envisioning this for the whole book and also by part (chapter or image potentially?).

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Hi @SueWozniak yes, there is! Pressbooks books automatically contain metadata that can be scraped by citation managers. I have most experience with Zotero, the open source citation management tool, but it should be possible with other tools as well. Here’s a short video showing how I saved the reference information for a sample book published by Rebus to my free account using the Chrome browser extension: Saving Pressbooks metadata to Zotero - YouTube

Hi Steel. Do you think it is possible to build a citation generator feature into PressBooks itself?

It’s possible, though we’d need to better understand the use case, why it would be valuable for people, and why it should exist in Pressbooks itself rather than done by a third party tool. If you want to make the case for it, please feel free to open a ticket in Issues · pressbooks/ideas · GitHub where I and others can comment on and discuss the idea.

Thanks Steel. I will do that. I appreciate your thoughts.

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