Is it possible to activate pressbooks in a multisite network?

The best way to install pressbooks is a fresh multisite. But maybe, there is a chance to bring together some multisites in one installation?

Just recently I found out, that you can build even networks of multisites with this plugin:

Here is a description of what happens then:

I would love to share the user-data-base with my existing blogging multi-site and still have PressBooks in a separate multisite, but in the same networks of multisites. I hope you understand, what I mean.

Did some of you every try, if this could work? :slight_smile: It would make it so much easier to create a multi-usage-plattform, where pressbooks is one of the “apps”.

I’ve never tried this but might work!

And I confirm: It just works. :wink:
Okay, there is only one little bug as far as I can see:

  • When here https://…/wp-admin/network/sites.php, I only see one site, the main-site.
  • But when I create a new “book” aka site, then PressBooks show me a list of all blogs from all the different networks.
  • Same happens, when I want to browse the catalogue, https://…/wp-admin/index.php?page=pb_catalog: there I see all the blogs from all the networks (which I shouldn’t see).

I’m not a coder, but maybe to ask for the network might help?

For a regular multisite the network number is just 1 for all the sites. But in a multisite multinetwork environment it can be more numbers, which should be used to filter in a way, that only books from one network are shown.