"Invisible" Parts Still Showing in web TOC?

Not sure if this is a bug or something we are doing incorrectly, but one of our authors reports that Parts marked to be invisible in the TOC are still showing up in her dropdown TOC on the web. They are not appearing in the TOC on the book’s home page, but show up as “empty” Parts in the dropdown.

They currently contain Drafts of in-progress Chapters. I tried switching some of the Chapters to Private status instead of Draft to see if that had any impact, but it did not.

We are pretty sure this was not happening before, so is perhaps a side effect of some other development? If it’s not a bug, any suggestions on how to fix would be welcome.

Hi @shiflet.16, thanks for flagging this! We’ll look into it.

Just to clarify, does this happen when you are logged out?

Yes. You can see for yourself on the site in question: https://osu.pb.unizin.org/engrtechcomm/

On the book’s homepage, you can see four parts (plus front & back matter) listed, but the in-book TOC shows all nine parts, five of which should be invisible. (Those five contain draft chapters, which do not show up.)

@dac.chartrand identified the bug, we will release a fix next week. Thanks for reporting!