Internal links to chapters do not correctly export to EPUB, MOBI and EPUB 3

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In our book, we have a few links from one chapter to another, and these do not correctly export to EPUB, MOBI and EPUB 3. A MWE is the following:

<a href="">the next chapter</a>

gets translated in EPUB, MOBI and EPUB 3 files into:

<a href="chapter-005-1-0.html">the next chapter</a>

but the name of the html file in the EPUB, MOBI and EPUB 3 file is:


so the internal link does not work.

This occurs even if you define the original link in relative terms, i.e. as:

<a href="/agent-based-evolutionary-games/chapter/1-0/">the next chapter</a>

Has any other person encountered this error?

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Thanks for this clear and comprehensive bug report. If you have a chance, could you open a GitHub ticket with the same details? Thanks!


Thanks a lot for confirming that this is indeed an issue worth raising in GitHub,

I will ask Pressbooks Support to comment on this. Internal links should work, it’s possible this is unclear documentation / user “error”.

Nope, it was a bug. @lrizquierdo @dac.chartrand fixed it in, which will be released in Pressbooks 5.0 at the end of January. Thanks for reporting!

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Thank YOU @ned and @dac.chartrand !!