Importing from (archived CNX)

We have an instructor that adapted a book on the CNX platform, but it has since been moved to and the original CNX link doesn’t seem to be available anymore. They now want to move the book into Pressbooks, but is having trouble finding the best way to easily import content and formatting while avoiding too much additional labor to fix it up. I’m told there used to be a plugin that could be of use, but that it is now unsupported.

Here is the link to the book on

They’ve found that importing individual chapters as Word docs put content into Chapter 1 by default (even when clicking “Add Chapter” next to a section lower down on the Organize page), which then requires work to move into the correct section. Importing an EPUB downloaded from the above link doesn’t seem to work at all.

We are currently running Pressbooks version 6.2.2; any suggestions on the best way to import the above book?

Check out this page: Bring Your Content Into Pressbooks – Pressbooks User Guide
Scroll down to the section Import From a Word Document. I had a similar problem to yours and by following this section each chapter was imported into its own individual chapter.

Thanks for that, @scotsmac.

I believe we are looking for an automated way to import from the archive site similarly to how we could previously do a full import/organize from CNX. That was so cool, and understand it’s probably not possible with the Internet Archive but wanted to check before doing much more hand labor. Thanks!

To clarify something I said incorrectly above: The book is organized into seven parts with a number of chapters per part. When they import new chapters, content goes into Part 1 (apparently by default) and then has to be dragged down to the correct location, even when using the “Add Chapter” button next to a lower part.