Image for book cover will not upload

I accidentally deleted the cover image of my book and I do not seem to be able to upload it again. The image (attached) is 2500 x 3748 pixels, and 1,997,709 bytes, so it is within the limits. It is the same file I had uploaded before, but for some reason now Pressbooks will take the name of the file but will not upload it.

I remember that I had issues before uploading other versions of this image, and would never get any feedback letting me know what was wrong.

Is there any chance Pressbooks would give a more informative message about why it doesn’t like my file (or any other file that does not upload)? Thank you so much,

Hi Luis, to clarify—is this in the cover generator or Book Information? Thanks.

Hi Ned,
It’s the book information.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Luis, this is not something I can reproduce at the moment. Can you get your network manager to open a support ticket and we can look into it on your book? Thank you.

Absolutely, thank you so much!

It was all my fault, sorry. It’s fine once you press the “Save” button. I was expecting to see the thumbnail update after selecting the file. Sorry about it, and thanks a lot… once again!