Image descriptions: how to display?

Is there a way to display the Description fields of media library images? I tried Theme Option/Media Attributions, but no.



Hi Wade,
We don’t currently display metadata entered into the description field anywhere in the reading interface. You should use the ‘caption’ field for any information you want to display below an image/figure. For more on what the media attributions option does, see: If these are turned on, the ‘title’ of the image will be displayed in the attribution statement. Hope that helps?

Yep. I was just wondering if I was missing something.

Thank you

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Nope – you weren’t missing anything. I believe that the description field is most frequently used in WordPress themes that support something called the ‘image attachment page’ – relevant for WordPress (blog/website publishing) generally but less so for Pressbooks (book publishing). See for more on the subject if you’re interested.

Ah, ok. Thanks, I’ll check that out.