Identifying page breaks before Exporting

Hi everyone,
I’ve experienced some difficulties with the layout in Pressbooks as it relates to content that is broken over pages when exported as a .pdf. Basically, I have section headings that appear at the bottom of one page, and then the content starts at the top of the next, the same for textboxes and the like.
These are cosmetic in nature, but I’d like to know if there is a way to identify the limits of a page whilst editing in Pressbooks so I can readjust the flow of content to avoid either unnecessary ‘white space’, or move headings, and tables so the flow of information is more professional in appearance.

If I’ve explained this poorly, I can upload some screen shots.

Does anyone have a potential solution? Any guidance would be most gratefully received.

Kind regards,

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Hi Adrian,
Great question. Two things might be helpful for you. First, is the XHTML preview that’s available by clicking the ‘diagnostics’ link the admin footer. See section 5 of this guide chapter for more details: In addition, you may want to experiment a bit with some of the PDF theme options (widows, orphans, etc). See

Second, you can create page breaks upon demand with CSS and PrinceXML: You may want to play around a bit with adding classes and/or custom CSS for PDF. Again, if you add custom CSS rules, you ought to be able to preview many of them with the XHTML preview link mentioned above. Hope that helps?

Hi Steel, pleased to meet you!
I will check these out over the next day or so and let you know how I progress. I assumed there would be something in the program that allowed it, just a matter of consulting wiser minds to find it.

Have a great week.

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