Help! Hypothesis has disappeared from all my projects. In one of the networks I work in, I got this error message in the Plug In area of my dashboard: The plugin hypothesis/hypothesis.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.
But in a different edu network, it’s just gone. It’s not available in settings, and it doesn’t show up embedded in the book. Is this temporary?
Thank you!

Hi @jholmes what are both networks? We can look into this.

In the first network, where you see that message, are you able to reactivate the plugin?

Thank you for your quick response! I had to get back to some interviews I was doing. It appears to have been temporary…I now see Hypothesis on the settings list. Whew!

The network where I saw the message was osu. The network where there was no error message, but Hypothesis wasn’t available in settings is https://open.ocolearnok.org/.

But again, it does appear to have rectified itself. Thank you so much!

hi @jholmes in our latest deploy (yesterday) the Hypothesis plugin was accidentally deactivated at the network level. Thanks to your note here we were able to identify what went wrong and fix it by reactivating it for all the affected networks. Thanks for your report and sorry about the inconvenience!

No worries - I figured it was some kind of odd glitch…was hoping it wasn’t the end of the relationship between the two. You all are so great to respond to problems so quickly - very much appreciated! :slight_smile: