Hypothesis Plugin Availability

I saw that Hypothesis plugin for Pressbooks noted it was closed as of Jan 2022. Is that correct? Is there another way to get Hypothesis for our subscribers?

Hi @cma4u I don’t know why Hypothesis’ plugin was removed from the wordpress.org repository (we’re not the maintainers of the plugin), but it can still be installed with WordPress or Pressbooks. It hasn’t been changed in several years, and works exactly as it always did. If you’re looking for the plugin zip file to install manually, you can download the most recent release directly from GitHub here: Release 0.6.0 · hypothesis/wp-hypothesis · GitHub. Here are instructions for installing a plugin manually in the WordPress environment: How to install a WordPress plugin from a ZIP file | WordPress Plugin

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Thank you. I wanted to be sure since it was listed as a trusted plugin but couldn’t be found directly through our Pressbooks instance using the Plugin search.

My pleasure. Not sure why it was removed from wordpress.org (I’m guessing because it hadn’t received updates in a few years). I’ve emailed folks I think might know more and will share any updates when I have them.