HTML Book Schema

I would like to know the origin or source of Pressbooks HTML Schema; is it derived from an ISO standard or from HTMLBook (, etc. ?

In particular, I am interested in the granularity of the semantics as it applies to an educational context.


Hi Steve, @hughmcguire can speak to the origins (it predates my tenure with Pressbooks) but, as you may be aware, we are considering migrating the schema to TextbookHTML. Feedback on that standard would be welcomed.

I just buy that book as pdf The Metadata Handbook A Book Publisher’s Guide to Creating and Distributing Metadata for Print and Ebooks.

if someone whant a copy, just let me know.

Thanks, excellent references to help me understand the ontology of the e-textbook within the Pressbook framework.

“TextbookHTML is a fork of OReilly Media’s HTMLBook for Docbook” appears to be focused on an academic context. I’m not sure what the value of forking is, compared to working to enhance the existing HTMLBook spec. Forking can be beneficial, as in LibreOffice, or detrimental for OpenOffice in loss of resource talent.

The Metadata Handbook “presents an overview of metadata’s role in the publisher supply chain.” It is more focused on a commercial context than an open source textbook perspective. However, the metadata system model brings general awareness to the advantages and importance of connective semantics to digital information communications.