How to make a video show the last frame after playing


Do you Guys know a simple way of making videos show the last frame when they finish? Right now they go back to the first frame.

This is important for me, because I use videos to show simulations, and I often want to discuss the final outcome.
Thank you very much,

Hi Luis,

I’m not aware of any way of doing this— if you find any resources please pass them on and we can add the feature request to our backlog.

Hi Ned,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve been looking around, and it seems that what I’m asking for is the default behavior in HTML 5:

and even in Wordpress. E.g. see videos in:

How are you embedding your video? MP4 file uploads?


Thanks for looking into this!

Thanks Luis. I’ve added this to our backlog for consideration.

That’s great, thank you so much Ned!!

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that if at some point you fast-forward or rewind the video a bit, then the last frame does stick at the end.

Another nice option / possibility would be to use the “featured image” as the last frame