How do I delete media attributions Listed Twice In Mobi (For Kindle Format)

When I export my book to PDF, the media attributions are listed once in the chapters, but when I export them to a Mobi (for Kindle) file many, not all of them, are listed twice. When I uncheck box for chapter media attributions that - both of the duplicated attributions - disappear.

In the PDF file, media attributions are only listed once, in chapters, not twice like in the Mobi export. I’ve obviously clicked or inputted something I need to uncheck/undo but for the life of me I can figure it out.

Any guidance you can give me?



Hi Michael,
This sounds like a bug and doesn’t appear to be one that’s been reported before (that I can recall). If you’re willing to file a bug report on GitHub: that would help us investigate the issue more fully. The system information requested in the bottom of the template is especially helpful in cases like this. Thanks!

Thank you Steel. I don’t know anything about Github, repositories and such, so this turns out to be a challenge for me.

Do you know how long a bug might take to fix? I was hoping to upload the book to KDP yesterday, as I have uploaded my POD book already. If it will take a long time, I might just have to just uncheck the media attributions in the global settings and then cut and paste the attributions into each chapter.

It’s also unintuitive to find how to see if one has the latest version of Pressbooks…

…sigh…little things for rookie self-publishers are a challenge the first time, eh?

Thanks for any additional guidance you might give me.

If it’s a software bug, it wouldn’t be fixed today, that’s for sure. Can’t provide too much more guidance until we’re can see/replicate the error and do a bit more diagnostics. Are you using a self-hosted instance of Pressbooks or publishing with If unsure of that, what’s the URL/web address of the book?

Hmmm…the book isn’t going to be open access. I can give you the url, but will that open the book to the world?

No – it just helps me know whether it’s on a network that we (Pressbooks) hosts, or whether it’s on one that is set up by someone else.