Has anyone found a plugin for checking links?

Hi there! I am in desperate need of a method of checking links automatically in Pressbooks. We are trying to shift our content from the LMS and an adaptive platform to Pressbooks, but we cannot give up the functionality that our LMS (Canvas) currently offers. Has anyone had any luck with a plugin?

For additional context, here’s the info Steel provided (thank you, Steel!):
Here’s the ticket I created nearly a year ago: https://github.com/pressbooks/ideas/issues/185 for this problem. The biggest issue we have right now is that the two leading WordPress plugins which do broken link checking put an unacceptably heavy load on the server when they did their link checking when we last tested them (in November 2019).

For that reason, we’ve recommended that folks use the W3C link checker tool instead: https://validator.w3.org/checklink. If you know of a solution that you think will work well for a WordPress-based multisite, or would like us to take another look at a plugin that you think could do this well, we’d be happy to reassess the situation. I do agree that this would be a really useful service to offer authors using our platform generally.

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