.H5P Bulk Export / Download from a Pressbook

An instructor at our institution has written an interactive Pressbook with quite a lot of H5P activities. The admin view of the book allows viewing of a list of all H5P content in the book with links to open individual ones, and then with one open you can choose to “Reuse” and download it as a .hp5 file or “Embed” it. If you want to download all the .h5p files from one Pressbook, this is quite tedious when there are a lot of H5P activities. How can all .h5p files extant in a single Pressbook be downloaded at once to be stored elsewhere as an activity bank?

I have this same question! How close are we to a bulk download option? Thanks!

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hi @Jacob_Algrim and @Veronica_Vold this is an interesting product idea. It’s not currently in our backlog or roadmap at all. It sounds a little bit like a feature request to make of H5P, if I’m being honest. We worked with them to support adding REST API endpoints to all activities, which allows us to clone H5P activities when books are cloned. I suppose you could write a tool that used the API to request/download the activities as well, but I’m guessing you’re looking for something easier to use for regular users. I can help write up a user story for this, but need to know more about what you envision. Some questions we’d need to answer:

  1. Would book authors need to grant permission for their H5P activities to be bulk downloaded, or would it simply be inherited from the download permission on a given individual activity?
  2. Who should have permission to download all the H5P activities in a given book?
  3. Where should users who have permission to download all the H5P activities in a given book see the option to download them? The H5P listing page (i.e. H5P listing – A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL)? Somewhere else?
  4. In some cases, this zip file might be very large, as individual H5P activities can be hundreds of MB in size, and books can have many of these activities, as you noted. Once a user requests a bulk download of all H5P activities, what should happen? Should we make a .zip file and download it directly to their computer? Should we email them a link when it’s finished?
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Thanks, Steel! I’m thinking about future instructors who want to download or export all H5P from a Pressbook and use it in any number of future instances (their own textbooks, course sites, presentations, etc) but don’t want to clone an entire book or spend time on individual file downloads. Here are my initial thoughts regarding your questions for the user story:

  1. I think permissions for bulk download would be inherited from the download permission on an individual H5P activity.
  2. Any user searching the Pressbooks Directory ideally would have permission to bulk download openly licensed H5P for future use.
  3. Ideally the option to bulk download would be in two places: in Pressbooks Directory search and in the H5P Library in a book’s admin.
  4. I think the option for a direct download to a device makes the most sense, but I can imagine people preferring an email with a link to the files.

Thanks for your help!!


Hey Steel, I agree with what Veronica has said above.

Regarding point 4, I wonder if it would be possible to add a column in the “All H5P Content” library that shows individual file sizes and totals them up somewhere so that someone interested in downloading would have an idea of what they are getting into.

A tool that would allow them the option to select particular H5P activities from the list to download together, or select all for download may be helpful as well.

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