Google schoolar for PB

Do PB offer support for Google Schoolar? I think just inside of PB TB. Am I right?

We are starting to create all the fields for Google Schoolar before to extend to Zotero and we don´t know how to test if it works.

@brad do you know how can we test if it works?


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@colomet Pressbooks 5.7.0 / McLuhan 2.8.0 should natively support Google Scholar citations of webbooks as we’ve added Highwire Press meta tags. See:

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Is there any documentation on how Google Scholar interacts with Pressbooks?

We have a project that is very interested in Google Scholar working on a chapter level- making both the book and the individual book chapters findable. Is there anything we can do to encourage or facilitate this behavior?

Hi @beckej, I don’t recall ever having being asked this before. As far as I know, we don’t have anything on our side. I found this from Google: Maybe helpful? We’d be interested to learn more if you end up pursuing.

I hadn’t seen anything before. I just did a search and saw Ned talking about the Highwire meta tags, so that’s what I asked.

The project (if you are curious) is The Inclusive Historians Handbook by American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) and the National Council on Public History (NCPH).

The original resource is a WordPress, but I convinced the creators that they should also have a Pressbooks version, and I have started that on our SUNY Pressbooks account. They asked if there was a way to get the individual articles crawled by Google Scholar.

I think what I am going to have to do is cut the PDF export created by Pressbooks, and cut the PDFs into the articles, and then paste those on a publications page that hopefully will get crawled by Google Scholar.

I was hoping you had a magic/easy solution!

Sorry, Ed. I wish I did. @ned no longer works for Pressbooks, but might know more (he’s a wealth of historical/contextual information). I still talk to him every couple of weeks, and will make a note to ask him if he knows anything about Google Scholar indexing.

Hi! Is there any update on this discussion? I’m working on creating a webbook from the university’s Pressbook account and we’d like the publication to be visible on google scholar. We are also interested in individual book articles being visible in google scholar.

We are still working on creating the content, so I would appreciate any suggestions or guidelines to ensure the indexing of our publication in google scholar.