French Language

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Apologies if this is an obvious question.

I have a user translating a work to French. The user reported this notification “Please contact your system administrator if you would like them to install extended French (Canada) language support for the Pressbooks interface.”

Typically I would add language using these instructions:

The book language is currently set to French, but I don’t see French under theme options.

What am I missing?

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hi @MichelleB – I think you’ll need to install French as an available language at the administrative level for your network. We do this with infrastructure as code for networks we host, but I think you might be able to do it on a self-hosted network from the server using WP CLI commands: Once you’ve installed the language packs you’re looking for, you should then be able to use them at the network level (i.e. change your admin interface globally to another language), or at the level of user settings (probably what you’re looking for here).

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Aha! Thank you. Will give this a shot today!