"Freezing" a book


Is there a way to freeze all edits on a book, so that as an administrator, they don’t accidentally get edited. We update our curriculum every semester and would like to freeze the previous semester’s book, which still having it available for online access. I tried changing my role to a Subscriber, but it seems I am still able to edit the book - because I am super-admin?

Thank you.

Hi @shuchi yes super admins / network managers can always edit books, but for other users, the role of Subscriber doesn’t allow for edits. Updating the role of all users on a book to Subscriber would work as a way to prevent the book from being edited.

Thank you @ThomasWeideman. That confirms for me which I was still able to edit the book in spite of changing my role to Subscriber.

On a kind of related note: Can one “name” a version of a book (kind of like Google Docs allows naming versions)? One continues to edit the book, but then later if need be, we can retrieve that named version? Or is the only option to clone and create a new book to make edits to? Thank you.

Cloning is indeed the only way to do this, at least at the level of an entire book. It’s possible to make use of visibility settings to work with multiple copies of chapters (or front/back matter) within a book, though. From the Organize menu or from the editor, ‘Show in Web’ and ‘Show in Exports’ can be unchecked for previous, currently unused copies of a given chapter which can be returned to at any time.

There’s also an option to restore past revisions of an individual chapter from the Revisions listed in the chapter editor, although these revisions aren’t nameable (they’re automatically listed by the date and time of each saved revision).

Thank you @ThomasWeideman. I think cloning is what will work for us the best in that case.