Formatting of titles of collapsed sections

I have an issue trying to format the title of a section when it is collapsed. If I don’t tick “Collapse sections” in McLuhan Theme Options, then I see the title with a tag, as I like it, i.e.:

The CODE tag is implemented by writing the following HTML code:
<sup> <span style="background-color: #993300;color: #ffffff"> CODE </span> </sup>

However, when I tick “Collapse sections”, the style of CODE is gone, i.e.:

Can anyone suggest a good way of including this “CODE” tag in the title, so it works even when I collapse sections?
Thanks a lot,

BTW, the collapse sections options is absolutely great, but if at some point it could be implemented in a less “all or none” fashion (as per Possibility of hiding / showing content within a chapter), it would be awesome. Thanks a lot

Hi @lrizquierdo, I will open a ticket for this.

Thank you so much @ned !