Footnotes with HTML lists do not correctly export to PDF

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It seems to me that footnotes that contain HTML lists using the tag ol are not correctly exported to PDF. The footnote text that follows the tag is moved to the main body.

Example: See footnote 5 in (Note that you have to download the pdf at to check this. In this particular case, you can search for the sentence “The original characterization of an ESS” to quickly locate the problem).

The whole footnote is:
[footnote]The original characterization of an ESS (Maynard Smith and Price, 1973) was expressed in the following way. A strategy I is an ESS if and only if the following two conditions hold:

  1. π(M, I) ≤ π(I, I) ∀M
  2. π(M, I) = π(I, I) ⇒ π(M, M) < π(I, M) ∀M ≠ I
This definition is equivalent to the characterization given in the main text (see e.g. Maynard Smith (1982, p. 14)). [/footnote]

Any ideas, or has anyone experienced similar issues?
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Hi @lrizquierdo, our current implementation of footnotes does not support <ol>, <ul> or <li> elements within the footnote content. This is a known limitation and we hope to improve upon it in the new year.


Thanks a lot Ned,
Any ideas on the chances of this happening in the new year? (So I can decide whether to keep on using it or not)
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The current footnote feature is limited by the fact that it’s inserted within a paragraph, which causes certain HTML elements to be stripped out of footnote. We haven’t figured out a new method of handling this yet, but we understand that it’s a priority for many users. Chances are good that we will be tackling a new solution in the new year, but we are a small team stretched very thin so I hope you’ll understand that we can’t commit to a timeline.

Of course, thanks a lot for your reply and for your great work,
Keep it up!