Footnotes not tagging accurately

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When exporting PDFs for digital distribution, PB does a fantastic job of meeting accessibility standards. One inconvenient hiccup, however, is the way footnotes tend to be tagged. Footnotes are embedded within out-of-place Lbl tags and the Reference and Note tags aren’t properly nested. This is the default organization of an individual footnote in the Adobe Acrobat Accessibility tool:

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 3.11.12 PM


The Adobe Accessibility checker flags this as inaccessible, and will only clear it when I adjust the organization to:

(This is just my drag-and-drop of the preexisting tags; I also deleted the Lbl tags.)

I’m not sure how big a lift it would be to adjust this tagging across the board so that I don’t have to do it (sometimes 150+ times depending on the book… :cold_sweat:) every time I want to export and share an accessible PDF?

Given this hectic, unprecedented time of last-minute and mass remote learning, it feels more important than ever to have quick and easy access to accessible PDFs for students who may be separated from key campus disability support services.

Thank you for any advice at this time!

— Amanda

Hi @Amanda_Wentworth!

I think the issue you’re observing may already be covered by this bug report: Does that look similar to what you’re experiencing? If so, please feel to add any relevant comments/notes to that ticket. I’ll try to bump the issue up in our prioritization of bugs to fix in a forthcoming sprint.

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Hi Steel!

Thanks for directing me to this preexisting ticket! It perfectly reflects my problem. When is another sprint predicted to take place?

Thank you!

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Hi Amanda,
We’re always in two-week long development sprints. Our current sprint will end on Friday this week (March 27), when we’ll be planning the next two week sprint (to run March 30-April 10). We typically deploy work from the previous sprint on the Wednesday following the close of a sprint.