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We are using footnotes to show derivative information on remixed sources used. Issue we are running into is that when we want to reuse a footnote - we can’t? It will just create a new footnote. I am familiar with WordPress and plugin language - however it appears that is moved to endnotes only here. With a lot of other tech fun on my brain, I am just not getting to the answer efficiently. Help?

My fun example: Hypothetically I would like points one and three to link to the same footnote, with no duplication

Footnotes are created programatically … you add your [footnote]footnote shortcodes[/footnote] and then the PB finds all instances of [footnote] and generates the linked outputs. There is no way to flag “same as the other one” … You could achieve this by hand coding footnotes with internal links, but then they won’t be generated programatically.

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That’s what I figured. I am wondering if anyone has already done this and could share a visual example for a larger number of footnotes and how they show in both edit and view modes.

Sure. This history of the UW Colleges book (published at UW-Madison) had lots of footnotes in each chapter:

See chapter one in the webbook:

Here’s an example of what that chapter looks like in the visual editor (notice three visible footnote shortcodes):

You’ll notice that all footnotes have unique anchor links (like Once created you can link to these anchors as many times as you like, but not using the standard footnote tool. That tool makes sure that each footnote shortcode creates a separate link/note at the bottom of the page.

We noticed, on our end, that there was still some duplication. #27 and #28 in the uwcolleges link. We were trying to create footnotes closer to how you would list references - in that if it references from the same source, you just have one citation, not multiple for every derivative. I think what you shared helps though. Thank you.

Thanks Nic. In the case of 27 & 28, the author could have simply written ibid for #28, I suppose.

If you’re looking to do something more like references, it might make more sense to use parenthetical citations and a traditional works cited/bibliography section. Here’s a random example of a Pressbooks book that has a ‘references’ back matter content type:

Works cited entries can be formatted with the ‘hanging indent’ formatting style available in the WYSIWYG editor:
This will make it so they look like standard works cited entries (first line full justified left, subsequent lines indented, etc.)

We don’t currently support integrations with any automatic citation management tools, but I’d love to one day see us build something that works with Zotero or the Zotpress plugin (see: Using Zotpress? for an older discussion on the topic).