Fonts guide for McLuhan and Malala

Hey there everyone,

It’s come up a couple times with authors that they want to be able to see some customization options before using Pressbooks, or want to share the appearance options with a group that might not all have access to the admin settings on their text.

I’ve also had trouble remembering which fonts I like, or what they look like, so I put together a Google Fonts list of the available fonts in the McLuhan and Malala themes: Fonts in Pressbooks

The only ones not available in Google Fonts are the GNU fonts and New Athena Unicode.

I put them all together in a PDF for easy viewing and wanted to share.

Hope this helps!


Hi @allisonbrown, just wanted to hop on here and say a thank you for doing this! I know this was over a month ago now, but we’re trying to gather some information about this on our end, and this document is very helpful. Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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