Feature request: search and remplace in just one page

can be good for long text or to modify tables to be able to search and remplace a string of text just in one page

I did not try it, but TinyMCE seems to offer this functionality:

so, maybe is better to wait till see how gutenberg works

I do not think the two topics are related.

I think the new wordpress text editor is Gutenberg and not longer TinyMCE, tha´s why maybe is better to wait to see how it works.
I do not know if TinyMCE is inside of Gutenberg or is a different software or …

Antonio is correct that they are related. Gutenberg uses TinyMCE for some of its underlying functionality, but TinyMCE plugins like this one will no longer just work out of the box. This is a “wait and see” feature request at the moment.