Feature image from url instead of uploading in the chapter

I´m going to create my new theme with a feature image for each chapter and part and I have questions, maybe somebody of the community can give me an idea:

In my situation I have books and my own readers would clone my books, so is an internal system of copies of books

If I upload the image in a chapter, the image is in the server, but if somebody clone the book, the image will be download with the book in the new server. So it would be a different version of the book (an independent one).

I think to use the same image within the copies of the books can be a good idea, as each time the original author change the image, all the copies would change the image too. So the child books receive the update of the image.

that´s why instead of to ulopad my images inside of the chapters, I would upload in an external service, so I will copy the image link in the feature image section, in that way, the chapter receive the imag from an external source.

Am I missing some point?


Hi @colomet, pointing the image to an external service won’t change the behaviour of the cloner. The idea is to make the cloned book as robust as possible, e.g. — pull content from the original and don’t depend on external content. So we always download images to the target book so that if the original book goes offline, etc. the images will still be there. This is by design, and while your idea does have one benefit (update once and all cloned copies get the update) it has the downside that if the original book goes offline the cloned book loses all its media.

I see.

Thanks, I will think about it.