Exported files - new options

Each time we export a file (pdf, epub, xml), the sistem saves the last 5 exports. Some times one export is one file, some times are some files.

Maybe afther one month, the system could delete the older exports and to save just one of each format. In that way we could save space in the hard drive, because we use to forget to delete such files and in my situation, I have books with images and each export takes more than 20 mb. We need to have the last one available, but the olders I don´t believe.

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Maybe is also good to know the size of each file.

Maybe to allo to the superadmins to download the last file exported form the


to create a new buttom for each format and download from there. It will make easy to make a backup of the files.

and maybe to allow the download of the pdf in the root theme, in that way, the people can search and download books simple and fast