Export in CrossRef XML for DOI registration?


I’m involved in open content creation and publication for an academic institution.

Chapter-level DOIs are increasingly requested by academic authors, and my institution has recently switched to the PressBooks platform for this purpose, as there is a chapter-level DOI field on your user frontend.

However, adding these chapter-level DOIs is currently pretty much useless if they cannot easily be registered with CrossRef, the industry-standard data registrar. The site imports via the following XML schema: https://data.crossref.org/reports/help/schema_doc/5.3.1/index.html

At the moment book metadata can’t be exported in a suitable format from Pressbooks to upload to CrossRef.

Currently, it seems that this data is manually entered by academic institutions using CrossRef’s submission form, which is feasible for single book-level DOIs, but not in the volume required by chapter-level DOIs (for example our current book has over 100 individual chapters; to enter these manually CrossRef requires the full book metadata be added prior to each individual chapter, which is a daunting task that would take many hours.)

Adding a metadata CrossRef XML export function would be attractive to ALL PressBooks clients at educational institutions with the same use-case as ours.

Would it be possible to add a metadata export option conforming to the XML schema linked above?

hi @Catrina – this would need to be a new feature request for Pressbooks. I’ve written a GitHub ideas issue describing your use case that you’re welcome to add suggestions/comments on: Facilitate easy creation of DOIs for books and chapters with Crossref · Issue #423 · pressbooks/ideas · GitHub. In the meantime, have you tried Crossref’s web deposit form? Web deposit form - Crossref. It looks like this might be a faster way to do what you’re trying to accomplish:

You can register both book- and chapter-level information. Add you[r] content and select Submit Book DOI to deposit a title-level DOI, or select Add Chapters to enter metadata for chapters attached to the book being registered. For series and sets, only one volume can be registered at a time.