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Greetings - a from a prospective user

I have been researching and writing a book using a mix of Scrivener and Wordpress. Close now to publishing - I’ve shared something via a password-protected website using Wordpress - I’ve stumbled across Pressbooks.

I’ve looked at the Directory but not yet found any examples of what others have done by way of webbooks using Pressbooks. Please let me have some pointers.

Thanks in advance

hi @StrollerEd if you follow any of the links in the Directory you should be taken to the homepage of the webbooks. There’s 3000+ examples there. Here are two examples of free webbooks published on Pressbooks: Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers – Simple Book Publishing + https://whitejaw.pressbooks.com/ Not sure specifically what else you might be hoping to see, but happy to try to help …

I did have a brief skim through the Directory but most seemed to be downloadable ebooks.

But many thanks for those links. Is the presentation format/theme used the only one that is available for web(only)books?

Can one use tabs as well as internal links and that left hand contents page?

All webbooks have the same structure/format for their landing page, but the appearance of book content is determined by the book theme (20+ themes to choose from for most of our hosted networks). See Appearance – Pressbooks User Guide or Book Themes, Part 1: Frames and Pictures | Pressbooks. Most themes have a common appearance. Pressbooks doesn’t natively support publishing chapters with tabbed content, but you can create collapsible sections and automatically generate a second level in your table of contents using H1 elements. Those are available through ‘theme options’ (see the guide chapter shared previously). The guide itself provides a good example of what the two-level ToC looks like:

Other guide chapters, like What Is a Webbook? – Pressbooks User Guide, might be helpful to answer some of your other questions …

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If you wanted to quickly see what your book might look like, you should be able to create a free ‘book shell’ at pressbooks.com: Register for a Pressbooks.com Account – Pressbooks User Guide and import from your WordPress site using the WordPress WXR import: https://pressbooks.claremont.edu/pressbookuserguide/chapter/import-from-wordpress/. To make the webbook public, you’d need to purchase an upgrade: Upgrade Your Pressbooks.com Book – Pressbooks User Guide

Very helpful.

Which radio button: Register my book now / later ?

Choosing ‘Now’ will create your new book as part of the new user registration process, so probably that option is what you want.

Thanks. I’ll have a play :wink:

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