Error when exporting Print PDF


We have a faculty member who is getting the following error message when exporting. All other exports work fine, it seems to just be the Print PDF that fails:

[site_url] =>
[blog_id] => 445
[theme] => Open Textbooks
[url] =>
Wed Mar 27 13:51:25 2019: ---- begin
Wed Mar 27 13:52:04 2019: error: The requested URL returned error: 500 Internal Server Error
Wed Mar 27 13:52:04 2019: error: could not load input file
Wed Mar 27 13:52:04 2019: error: failed to load all input documents
Wed Mar 27 13:52:04 2019: finished: failure
Wed Mar 27 13:52:04 2019: ---- end

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue?


This means something broke on the server.

Someone has access to the logs on (Apache, PHP) find them and ask for those logs.


Another reason you’ll see an Error 500 is if the timestamp on the “temporary secret” url expired. For example if I click on:

I’ll get:

This is because I’m an anonymous user. I’m not logged into BCcampus as an admin.

The URL above has several parameters. The timestamp combined with hashkey allows a 3rd party service temporary access to the XHTML file. Like DocRaptor, or Prince.

Make sure the URL hasn’t expired.