Error code

I am getting the following error code on selected pages of my EPUB export.

They’re all the same error, but I don’t know what is wrong.

There is no heading 2 on any of the pages involved.

Please help!

Hi Linda,
I believe this error message is telling you that there are some stray tags in the page. When you view the page up to the first error (using the visual editor, not the text editor), do you see any letters or words surrounded by angle brackets (<>)?

Here is a link to the Pressbooks guide on export validation reports (and error messages),

One fast way to scan the page in the visual editor (not the text editor) for stray tags is by using “search page” (control-F) to search for one of the angle brackets. I.e., click control-F and in the search box type either the < or > symbol. Then you simply remove the stray code using the visual editor or text editor. BE SURE to back up your page before deleting HTML tags in case you remove the wrong one!

Hope this helps!