Embedding H5P without EDU?

Hi everyone,

I am the author of a Pressbook and I would like to embed some H5P interactive elements that I made on my own and am self-hosting, but iframes are not allowed. My university does not have an EDU account. Does that mean I just can’t have H5P elements in my textbook?

Hi @kinseikun where does your book live? Does it have a public URL you’re willing to share?

Hi! My book is here: https://iagtm.pressbooks.com/

Hi @kinseikun – unfortunately, the H5P plugin isn’t activated on pressbooks.com (it’s intended for self-published authors) and WordPress will strip out most embeds from external sites by default for security purposes. I believe that we’re now providing a single book option for EDU authors that does include more of the EDU specific features (like H5P creation/embedding), but don’t know much about the details. You can email my colleagues Sarah and Maxime at sales@pressbooks.com and they should be able to inform you about other possible options.