Editing Pressbooks/Prince XML credit line on copyright pages

Hello and thank you for providing such a fantastic plugin!

I am running PressBooks on a local server (Mac/MAMP), with Prince XML installed for PDF exports, and have a minor query regarding exports.

When I export PDFs for print, a sentence is inserted at the end of the custom copyright statement:

This book was produced using Pressbooks.com, and PDF rendering was done by PrinceXML.

I of course do not want to remove this sentence, but wanted to ask the following:

  1. As I’m not actually using Pressbooksdotcom, wouldn’t it make more sense for the sentence to refer to Pressbooks.org? Is there some way to edit this phrase?

  2. The editor in me winces when I read the words ‘was done by’. Again, is there some way to edit this phrase, so that it reads more elegantly? And is this credit for PrinceXML strictly necessary, given that the non-commercial licence merely requires that the Prince logo appears on the first page of the export?

Again, a minor query, but thanks in advance for any feedback.


This post might be of help


You’re not wrong that the language could be clarified and improved. Thanks for the suggestion.

I opened a ticket: https://github.com/pressbooks/pressbooks/issues/1554

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No problems, and thanks for your response, Ned. I’d be happy to suggest an alternate wording, if you like!

Something like…

This book was produced on

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