Editing and/or Removing Fallbacks

I have a question from an author about removing Fallbacks in PDF exports. They had developed a custom set of fallbacks prior to the feature rollout in PB and want to keep theirs rather than the default.

The User Guide seems to imply that fallbacks can be edited/customized, but I can’t seem to find anywhere in the tool to actually do that.

Is either editing or removing the fallbacks currently possible? On the roadmap?


There is currently no way to edit the fallbacks; they are automatically inserted. If the author used Custom Styles before, they should be able to still use them.

I’m sorry the user guide gave the impression that Fallbacks were editable. We’ll look into clarifying that portion of the guide. I’ll add editing or removing fallbacks to our suggestions list for further discussion with the team.


Thanks for the response, JC. In hindsight, I’m guessing that section of the user guide was written before a final style for the fallbacks was decided upon. Instead of showing “a couple of examples,” which led me to believe multiple styles might be possible, it would probably be best to simply show the existing Pressbooks fallback.

I appreciate you opening up the conversation with the team because even though the author can still use her custom links, they now create a lot redundancy and potential confusion when situated next to the system-inserted fallbacks.

Just to chime in, @shiflet.16, the examples were meant to reflect the way different types of interactive content are shown. For OEmbed providers like YouTube and Vimeo where a thumbnail is available, we show the thumbnail; for other formats, we show a relevant icon (for audio/video or generic interactive content). You can just hide our fallbacks altogether by adding the following rule in Custom Styles (for PDF and EPUB):

.interactive-content { display: none; }

Thanks for the clarification, Ned. Because the Youtube videos I had seen in exports were inside of iframe tags, they had the same preview-less tags as other objects. I pulled one out of that tag and do see the preview now.

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