Drag table column border to resize table column width

Is there a reason why dragging the table column border to resize table column width is disabled (or not working). In standard TinyMCE with table plugin this is possible.

Two points:

  1. Drag to resize does work, it just doesn’t show the expected cursor:

  1. We are using the official TinyMCE Tables package so I think there must be some customizations in the TinyMCE Advanced plugin that we don’t have in ours. Also WordPress hides/restyles some elements (such as the toolbar) and we don’t have control over that.

I tried with a new table in a chapter in delivros.pressbooks.pub with Mc Luhan enabled. I am working on a Mac and tried in latest Google Chrome and in latest Firefox. Contrary to your view, I did not see the change of cursor which made me think it does not work. But If I drag despite the cursor not changing appearance, the column widths do get resized. So it seems more like a display issue (css?) than a functional issue. Thank you.

The change of cursor is the screen recording application that I am using (it puts a circle around the cursor to highlight a click).

OK. In “native TinyMCE with the table plugin” I see a change in cursor, which I do not see in Pressbooks.