Does Pressbooks host the digital copy of my OER textbook?

I have finished my OER textbook but I’m not sure what the next step is. How do I get it on the Pressbooks directory? Do I first need to add it to an OER repository like OER Commons? My college doesn’t have a PressbooksEDU account, we bought one license for this book.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @upike – what’s the URL for your book?
I haven’t published it yet.

Ah, I see. The good news it that you shouldn’t have to do anything to have your book indexed in the directory apart from making it public. All public books on that network (and any other PressbooksEDU network) with more than 1500 words are automatically included in the Directory unless the author or network manager opts out of inclusion (see Settings – Pressbooks User Guide for more details on opting out). Once you make your book public, it will be added to the Directory the next time our ‘fetcher’ checks for new books or updates to existing books (this runs every hour on the hour). Removal from the Directory is instantaneous.

Thanks for explaining that. I’ll publish it in the new year.

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Can’t wait. Took a quick peek at the topic & contents while looking into this and was very excited to know that this will be in the world as a public resource soon. Looks very impressive!

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