Displaying chapter-level contributors on a collaborators page

Hi everyone! I’m working on a book where every chapter has two authors and new chapters will be added each term (within a year we’ll have at least 12 authors). I want to add a back matter contributors page to automatically display contributor information for all the authors without adding all the authors as book-level contributors. Any ideas of how to do this? Is there a way for me to mimic the functionality of the contributors back matter chapter but add custom html and css to pull in chapter-level contributors?

As an alternative, is there a way to cap the number of authors that display on the books’s home page? It’s going to get very crowded if we add all the authors as book level contributors so it would be cool if we could add an et al. or have just one contributor that’s the program name that displays on the book home page.

Circling back because I found a solution to this part of my question, I’m now hiding all the authors on the home page using some simple css:

.book-header__author {