Delete Confirmation Email


The delete confirmation email is not being sent when attempting to delete a book. Is there a setting to ensure that this email goes out or a preferred plugin that sends it more reliably?

thank you

Hi Jeremy,
The delete book function used in Pressbooks is pretty much inherited from WordPress core: WordPress/ms-delete-site.php at master · WordPress/WordPress · GitHub but with a filter that overrides the default email message: pressbooks/class-book.php at 3217c734b9f3d25d840c247a5ac5b16b6c1698cb · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub. It’s possible there’s a bug here, but seems more likely that your server might not be configured to send emails as expected. Are other emails being sent as expected from your Pressbooks installation (for new user registration, for example)?


Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, as far as I can tell all other emails are being sent and received as intended. I am using WP Mail SMTP for mailing and as I stated earlier, all other messages (new books, registration tasks, ect) are being send and received. The delete confirmation seems to be the only message missing.

bump… Well, is there a way to grant users the ability to delete a book directly just like the site admin can?