Customize branding

Is there any specific guide on how to change the branding with our own message in multiple places.

Admin footer

Admin dashboard top left corner

Dashboard news section

Catalog footer

In the epub format, appreciate gauiance on customizing the brand of to our own.


Thank you…

Appreciate if you could help to disable the “Open Text Book News” that appears on the dashboard of book page.

Also if you could help disabling the PB About link on left top corner.

@johnpeterm “Open Textbook News” comes from the Pressbooks Textbook plugin. I don’t know if this works for Pressbooks Textbook but in core you can turn off our feed by visiting Network Admin → Settings → Dashboard and unchecking “Display Feed”.

Your second request is not possible at this time. You would need to write some code to do so.

Thank you @ned. Could you point the location of the code.


Called here:

Thank you @ned

Help us to find the location of the following and replace with our name.

1.Replacing pressbook name to our own name in user catalog page


2.When the book is private, in the access denied page, replace the url with our own url.