Custom CSS not showing in Visual Editor

Hi, maybe I’m missing something, but we have a custom div class that we defined in the Your CSS section of the theme. And, we can apply the styles with the button for adding a class, but it doesn’t render in the visual editor. Is there somewhere we need to enable the editor to include the custom css in it’s rendering of content?

And, I saw an old post about not being able to add Custom Textboxes in the drop down, is that still the case?


Hi, Robbie. I’m not an expert at Pressbooks, but I’ve used Wordpress and customized Wordpress themes for over a decade. So far as I know, Wordpress doesn’t natively render custom CSS styles in the visual editor. I’m not even sure whether it’s possible for a plugin to achieve that.

You need to use the Preview of the page or post to see your custom CSS rendered. Annoying, yes, but you get used to it. The visual editor gets close, but does not truly show you a WYSIWYG view (What You See Is What You Get).

Hope this helps!