CSS Issues with Internet Explorer

We have some students still using IE 11 (11.0.9) who are reporting issues with “a floating gray bar.” That bar seems to be the footer of the page locking in position in odd places. I am on a Mac and can’t verify exactly what is going on, but asked them for screenshots:

McLuhan doesn’t support work with Internet Explorer.

The browser is discontinued. Microsoft’s latest browser is Microsoft Edge.

As an aside, I can see a Google Chrome icon in that screenshot? :confused:

Oh, I’m well aware of how dead the browser is. If I could force them to upgrade I would. Just wanted to raise awareness, see if there was a simple line or two of CSS that could rectify it.

Didn’t notice the shot has Chrome in it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Might be worth us adding some kind of “Browse Happy” style notice on IE to encourage users to use a different browser.

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We (BCcampus) have added some info to our landing pages to alert instructors about this and link to Edge. Seems like a good teachable moment.

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The main criteria for dropping IE support for us was CSS variables. We rely on them for our custom colour scheme support in Aldine/McLuhan, and they are not supported in any IE versions.

Not to say we aren’t open to improving display on IE but it is a low priority given the size of our team and other larger projects we are working on :slight_smile: