CSS for disabling indenting on web pages for Andreessen Version: 2.0.2

The default mode for Andreessen Version: 2.0.2 is to indent in the editor and in page paragraphs. What CSS is required to disable this indentation behaviour?

PS. Andreessen Version: 2.0.2 is a very nice theme - too bad it isn’t available to the Pressbooks open source community.

See Left Menu > Appearance > Theme options … & select the format you wish to change (Web, PDF, Ebook) … and select para separation = Skip lines between paragraphs

Note: that the web editor has the same indent issue.

Here is the setting that I had:
Screenshot_2020-12-02 Theme Options ‹ Pioneers of Online Learning in Alberta — Pressbooks

Here is the web page result:
Screenshot_2020-12-02 Internet Educational BBS Pioneers of Alberta – Part 2 – Pioneers of Online Learning in Alberta