Creating multiple "curricula" from a single Curriculum book

Hello Pressbooks Community,

We are relatively new to Pressbooks and are creating curriculum using it.

We offer several courses, and the courses share parts of the same main curriculum. So, we’d like to create a Primary Curriculum that includes chapters from all courses (and maybe more) we offer. However, we’d like each course to only show the chapters that are relevant for it. At the same time, we want to avoid issues with duplication and getting out-of-sync, so any edits that need to be done, would only be done to the Primary Curriculum.

As an example, our Primary Curriculum book may have 20 chapters. Each course uses a subset of the chapters.

Course A: Chapters 1-18
Course B: Chapters 1-10, 12, 15
Course C: Chapters 1-5, 10, 11

We want teachers to have access to a book on the Web and print PDF, that only includes the chapters relevant to the course they are teaching.

This is the only approach we came up with:

  1. Create a single Pressbooks book which is the Primary Curriculum book – it includes Chapters 1-20
  2. Clone the Primary Curriculum thrice - for Course A, Course B, Course C.
  3. Course A: Select “Show in Web” and “Show in Exports” only Chapters 1-18
  4. Course B: Select “Show in Web” and “Show in Exports” only Chapters 1-10, 12 and 15
  5. Course C: Select “Show in Web” and “Show in Exports” only Chapters 1-5, 10 and 11

Does the above make sense? Would this work? Or is there a different/better approach? Is it possible to have the Web show only the selected chapters for the courses without cloning the Primary Curriculum book?

Thank you in advance!