Cover images on main site frontpage

Is there a way or shortcode to add cover images to main frontpage?

theme%20cover . . .

Hello - did you ever find out a way to do this? Which theme are you using? Aldine? We’re trying to also put in a cover image.

Kelly Sattler
MSU Libraries

This is a very old message that I believe was in reference to original site library homepage that automatically created thumbnails of the catalog. This was a great feature but was gone with the more recent versions of Pressbooks. Now you have to create the images manually on the homepage e.g., … unless someone has a plugin.


System Info:

Pressbooks Configuration

Version: 5.17.3
Root Theme: Aldine
Root Theme Version: 1.9.0

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@ksattler There’s no native way to do this in Pressbooks currently with the Aldine theme. There is a feature request in our backlog to add support for this, which you can follow here:, however. Agree that it would be nice to have for many networks!

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Thank you! This is quite helpful!


Thanks! I started following the issue and hope that it makes it into a sprint!

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