Course progress options

Hi Community, hi Steel!

As I understand it, course or book progress bars are not available right now.

Would it be possible to create one using:

  1. A WP plugin?
  2. A shortcode widget?
  3. A fixed or sticky div?
  4. CSS/JS?
  5. Turning the sliding nav menu into a fixed sidebar for desktop and hamburger for mobile (with active pages tabbed or highlighted)?
  6. Editing the Previous and Next footer buttons to include page numbers (i.e., “7 of 20”)?

Anything besides creating PNG images for every page and inserting them towards the bottom of the body text??

Also, is it possible to create a sticky popup for readers to link to another page, mailto: or tel:?

Thank you!!!

About the sticky popup, they exist as a wordpress plugin. just find the complement you like the most

about the progress bars, well,it can be as a plugin, but what they can show? the opening of a page, the reading? and how you would know the user did read the page?